Partnership with OSAPR

The Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club is partnering with Harvard’s Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (OSAPR), to provide training and support for all members of our community.  In collaboration with OSAPR, the HRDC will provide mandatory training for all directors, producers, and stage managers every season, with the purpose of promoting safer, trauma-informed spaces that are equitable and inclusive.  Upon request, OSAPR will also design unique content-based training for all casts and staffs of shows that deal with topics surrounding consent, sexual assault, and gender- or sexuality-based violence.

The Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response seeks to eliminate harm, violence, and oppression through the intersectional promotion of gender equity and social justice.  They advocate for the compassionate, just treatment of survivors and collaborate with our Harvard community to effect attitudinal and behavioral change.

For urgent and immediate support and services, please call our 24-hour hotline: (617) 495-5636

To learn more about OSAPR, please visit

Contact the HRDC-OSAPR Liaison, Eliza Mantz, [email protected] or [email protected].