Executive Board


The HRDC Board strives to uphold the mission statement of the organization by promoting interest in theater at Harvard, organizing and administering student participation in productions housed in the Loeb Drama Center, and acting as an umbrella organization for Harvard theater by assisting in the production of theatrical works elsewhere on campus.

Please reach out to the relevant board member(s) with any inquiries, or you may reach the entire HRDC board at [email protected].

Co-Presidents: Em Barnes ’25 (She/Her) and Matt Given ’25 (He/Him)

Em is a junior in Winthrop studying Human Developmental & Regenerative Biology. If you see her wandering campus while babbling about bread baking and her newest spreadsheet innovations, please gently guide her back to the Loeb Drama Center.

Matt is a junior in Pfoho studying History and Literature. You’ll almost certainly find him in rehearsal in the Loeb, but if you can’t, ask Em – she can check her spreadsheets and find out where he is.

DUTIES: The Presidents of the HRDC, in addition to facilitating and coordinating the actions of all other board members, serve as the primary liaison to the A.R.T., OFA, TDM, and Deans of Harvard College.

CONTACT: [email protected]

Co-Vice Presidents: Nikhil Kamat ’25 (He/Him) and Elizabeth “Liz” Resner ’25 (She/Her)

DUTIES: The VP coordinates the HRDC productions that occur in Loeb Proscenium every semester.

CONTACT: [email protected]

Treasurer: AJ Yi ‘25.5 (They/Them)

AJ is a junior in Eliot studying music and something else. You can find them in the Loeb, napping on the Student Oasis beanbags, or wherever the nearest seat is. Want to help them decide their other major? Please?

DUTIES: The Treasurer is in charge of finances for the Loeb Ex and Proscenium, as well as the HRDC budget. If you have a question about reimbursements, allowable items for a budget, or ideas for HRDC purchases, email the treasurer!

CONTACT: [email protected]

Ex Chair: Texaco Texeira-Ramos ’26 (They/She)

Texaco Texeira-Ramos is a sophomore in Mather House concentrating in Art, Film, and Visual Studies with a secondary in Theater, Dance and Media. When they’re not living in the Loeb or the Ag, they can often be found editing in the basement of Sever, ranting with friends in the Leverett dining hall (no they don’t live there), or critiquing films from the comfort of their dorm (the day they get their act together and get on letterboxd will be game changing).

DUTIES: The Ex Chair coordinates the HRDC productions that occur in the Experimental Theater of the Loeb every semester.

CONTACT: [email protected]

Tech Chair: PK/Lauren Byunn-Rieder ’25 (They/Them)

PK or Lauren, either works, is a junior in Winthrop studying computer science. From tech theater to making + playing video games, everything they do is basically imagining something cool, trying to make it real, and making it complicated instead.

DUTIES: The Tech Chair works to strengthen the tech community on campus by answering questions, directing students towards resources that may help them, and providing advice on design and technical execution for productions in need.

CONTACT: [email protected]

Campus Liaison/Common Casting Chair: Adrienne Chan ’25 (She/Her)

Adrienne Chan is a junior in Pfoho studying Sociology and Theater, Dance & Media. When she’s not dancing or choreographing, you can find her passionately defending her hometown, Cleveland, OH, or carefully curating her Spotify profile (you should follow her).

DUTIES: The Campus Liaison is responsible for the organization and running of Common Casting, and keeps in contact with the different theater groups on campus and with the drama tutors in the houses.

CONTACT: [email protected]

Publicity Chair: Inseo Yeo ’26 (He/Him)

Inseo is a sophomore who very recently moved to Lowell. He studies Economics and Theater, Dance & Media. He studies both because he is good at and enjoys crying.

DUTIES: The Publicity Chair releases the weekly HRDC Newsletter, manages the website and social media accounts, and works to plan events to help build community within the Harvard arts scene.

CONTACT: [email protected]

Secretary/Historian: Roseanne Strategos  ’25 (She/Her)

Roseanne Strategos is a junior in Winthrop doubling in Music and Integrative Biology with a secondary in Theater, Dance & Media. When she isn’t being consumed by the arts and science, she’s probably asleep or speedily scootering to rehearsal after being woken up by a stage manager.

DUTIES: The Secretary/Historian acts as an administrative lead for HRDC documentation, serves as the coordinator of HRDC alumni relations, and serves as the primary liaison between the HRDC and the Harvard Theater Collection.

CONTACT: [email protected]

Social Liaison: Katie Silverman ’27 (She/Her)

Katie is a first-year who will probably pick a concentration eventually. In the meantime, you can find her making her third Zinneken’s run of the day, singing in public, or buying your groceries (usually all three).


HRDC Board Elections are held annually, in November, at an open meeting of the HRDC. Each officer holds their position for one calendar year. New members assume the duties and privileges of office at the beginning of the spring semester.

Anyone who has been involved with a campus production in any way can run for the HRDC Board. Candidates are encouraged to look at the duties and responsibilities of each position (described above and in the HRDC Constitution) and to email current board members to learn more about their perspective office when deciding to run. Candidates for office should nominate themselves by submitting a statement of interest to the current Executive Board at least two days prior to the election. A majority vote by members of the HRDC present at the open meeting determines the elected officers of the HRDC Executive Board. Candidates may be nominated from the floor.