Executive Board


The HRDC Board strives to uphold the mission statement of the organization by promoting interest in theater at Harvard, organizing and administering student participation in productions housed in the Loeb Drama Center, and acting as an umbrella organization for Harvard theater by assisting in the production of theatrical works elsewhere on campus.

Please reach out to the relevant board member(s) with any inquiries, or you may reach the entire HRDC board at [email protected].

 President: Abbie Sage ’21 

Abbie Sage is a sophomore living in Cabot and concentrating in English. She’s from Austin, Texas and will probably never learn how to deal with cold weather, but it’s a process. Abbie is a fierce proponent of technical theater, hummus, Mary Shelley, Morrissey, and passing cows on the side of the road. When she’s not in the booth or building sets in the shop, she can be found rewatching Crazy Ex Girlfriend, doing school work in Black Sheep Bagels, or trying to fulfill her Goodreads goal of 100 books per year. She is absolutely thrilled to be serving as your HRDC President, so be sure to come to her with any/all questions about theater on campus (or with any funny jokes).

DUTIES: The President of the HRDC, in addition to facilitating and coordinating the actions of all other board members, serves as the primary liaison between the ART, OFA, Committee of Dramatic Arts, and Deans of Harvard College.

CONTACT: [email protected]          PRONOUNS: she, her, hers

Vice President/Mainstage Coordinator: Aaron Olkin ’20

Aaron Olkin is a junior in Lowell House concentrating in Computer Science. He is from Princeton, NJ, which is actually a lovely town. He mainly does lighting design, but has also started dabbling in scenic design and technical direction, and would still like everyone to know that he also does sound design. Aaron loves nothing more than discussing the pros and cons of every venue on campus, so please feel free to reach out to him if you want to discuss where and how to stage your latest and greatest concept, especially if that venue is the Loeb Mainstage he coordinates.

DUTIES: The VP coordinates the HRDC productions that occur on the Mainstage of the Loeb every semester.

CONTACT: [email protected]         PRONOUNS: he, him, his

Ex Coordinator: Rocket Claman ’21 

Rocket is a sophomore in Cabot House joint concentrating in History and Literature and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. She is from Washington, D.C. (yes, actual D.C.) and has therefore always been involved in politics. You’ll frequently find her phonebanking for progressive candidates and raging about social justice. Rocket is primarily an actor and singer, though she loves helping out in tech wherever she can. She is passionate about making art at the intersection of theater/music and social change. Outside of theater, Rocket plays club soccer, writes for Flyby, and yells about veganism and her favorite band, Little Mix. Please reach out to her if you have a dog she can shower with love, questions about the Ex/theater/political activism on campus, or have any fun space puns to try out!

DUTIES: The Ex Coordinator oversees the Loeb Experimental Theater, a variable-seating space that is the premier black-box space on campus.

CONTACT: [email protected]          PRONOUNS: she, her, hers

Campus Liaison: Ava Hampton ’21 

Ava Hampton is a sophomore living in Currier House (#QUADLIFE) and concentrating in History and Literature. Although she was not involved in theater before coming to college, Ava has discovered a passion for stage managing on Harvard’s campus. Outside of the theater world, you can findAva in the Harvard Art Museums where she is a member of the Student Board, playing the violin in the Harvard Pops Orchestra, or setting up her hammock in the Quad. Ava is absolutely thrilled to be your Campus Liaison this year, so please reach out to her with questions about Common Casting, auditioning, on campus, or finding a home in the Harvard theater community generally!

DUTIES: The Campus Liaison is responsible for organizing and running Common Casting, maintaining relations between the HRDC and other campus theater groups, and conducting outreach to the Harvard community past and present.

CONTACT: [email protected]          PRONOUNS: she, her, hers

Technical Liaison: Jonathan Castillo ’21

DUTIES: The Tech Liaison arranges Backstage Week, publicizes information about design and technician positions that are open on campus, oversees the Loeb Technical Requirement, and is available as a technical resource to everyone.

CONTACT: [email protected]               PRONOUNS: he, him, his

Historian: Emily Orr ’21

Emily Orr is a rising junior in Lowell House. She currently serves as the HRDC historian, which means she complies the material history of theatre on campus (programs, posters, etc.) and maintains  alumni relations. She loves peanut butter and laughing. In that order.

DUTIES: The Historian is responsible for acting as a liaison between the Board and the HRDC community, documenting and maintaining the history of the HRDC, and serving as a coordinator of HRDC alumni relations.

CONTACT: [email protected]          PRONOUNS: she, her, hers

Treasurer: Ben Rosenthal ’22

Ben Rosenthal is a freshman in Hollis who plans on concentrating in some course of study offered at Harvard. He is originally from DC but spent the vast majority of his life in the land of warmth – Miami. He cares a great deal about increasing the accessibility and quality of Harvard student theater and is running the first ever HRDC alumni outreach program. Ben, for some reason unknown to any of us, has an entire recording studio in his room so please reach out to him if you want to record your latest single.

DUTIES: The Treasurer is in charge of finances for the Loeb Ex and Mainstage, as well as the HRDC budget. If you have a question about reimbursements, allowable items for a budget, or ideas for HRDC purchases, email the treasurer!

CONTACT: [email protected]         PRONOUNS: he, him, his

Publicity Coordinator: Ryan Kapur ’20

DUTIES: The publicity coordinator updates and maintains the HRDC website and sends out the HRDC Newsletter. He also maintains all HRDC social media accounts and coordinates greater Boston publicity outreach.

CONTACT: [email protected]         PRONOUNS: he, him, his


HRDC Board Elections are held annually, in November, at an open meeting of the HRDC. Each officer holds their position for one calendar year. New members assume the duties and privileges of office at the beginning of the spring semester.

Anyone who has been involved with a campus production in any way can run for the HRDC Board. Candidates are encouraged to look at the duties and responsibilities of each position (described above and in the HRDC Constitution) and to email current board members to learn more about their perspective office when deciding to run. Candidates for office should nominate themselves by submitting a statement of interest to the current Executive Board at least two days prior to the election. A majority vote by members of the HRDC present at the open meeting determines the elected officers of the HRDC Executive Board. Candidates may be nominated from the floor.