Common Casting

Common Casting Information for Actors

What is Common Casting?
Common Casting is a week of auditions held at the beginning of each semester, during which you can audition separately for almost every show on Harvard’s campus.

When is Common Casting and is there an info session?
Common Casting takes place the first week/weekend of every semester! Look out for an announcement about the info session and Pizza Q before the semester starts.

Do I have to be at auditions 6pm-Midnight every day?
Absolutely not! The detailed schedule will be posted toward the end of August for fall Common Casting and by mid-January for spring Common Casting. Each audition slot for a given show is three hours (6pm-9pm or 9pm-midnight). During that audition slot, you sign up in the lobby of the given audition location, and will soon be called for your 5-25 minute audition.

Who can audition?
Any Harvard undergrad can audition. No previous theater experience is necessary.

Can I audition for every show?
You audition for each show individually so you can audition for as many or as few shows as you would like.

What are the rules of common casting?
See the Common Casting Rulebook before auditioning so as to understand the process and expectations. You are expected to be aware of all rules and guidelines set forth in the rulebook. Failure to follow the rules of Common Casting may result in your being banned from auditioning through Common Casting in the future.

What do I need to prepare and bring to auditions?
At each audition, you will be asked to enter your contact information and big-picture conflicts for the semester into our online system (you can save time by signing up for an account beforehand here). No other preparation is necessary unless you are auditioning for a musical. For musicals, you are expected to bring in an excerpt of a song, with sheet music if possible.

How do I know what shows are auditioning and when?
Once Common Casting approaches, information about the shows, including a detailed schedule of audition times, will be made available on the HRDC Website. A common casting info session (strongly recommended for all those new to common casting) and Pizza Q (in which you can causally mingle with the directors) is also held at the beginning of each semester.

Where are auditions?
The central location for auditions is the Loeb Drama Center, though auditions are also held in Farkas Hall and Agassiz House. At each location, you will sign up to audition in the respective lobbies. The locations for each audition will be posted on the detailed audition schedule.

Who can I contact with more questions?
The HRDC Campus Liaison is in charge of common casting; please email [email protected] with any questions.

Common Casting for Production Teams

What shows can participate in common casting?
The HRDC will always host auditions for all shows in the Loeb Experimental Theater and the Loeb Mainstage Theater. Additionally, we are generally able to accommodate all shows in the Farkas Hall, Agassiz Theater, Adams Pool Theater, and Leverett Library Theater. We try every semester to also host improv groups, TV shows, and any other projects that apply, from senior theses to films to the Voiceover Guild. If you are interested in holding your auditions through Common Casting, please apply and we will do our best to accommodate you into the schedule.

How do I apply to hold auditions through Common Casting?
Contact our Campus Liaison at [email protected].

What is required of me if I hold auditions through common casting?
The director, producer, and stage manager must attend the mandatory director/producer/stage manager meeting before Common Casting to hear procedures from the HRDC Board and ART/OFA professionals. You must be present during the audition times we give you and you must send staff members to poster for common casting publicity and to help run the information tables for a few three-hour audition slots. You must also abide by all rules and guidelines set forth in the Common Casting Rulebook.

Who can I contact for more information?
The Campus Liaison is in charge of Common Casting. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.