Important Upcoming Dates

Please be aware of all the dates and deadlines listed below regarding Loeb space applications, Board Elections, and our upcoming Open Meeting and Interest Forum. All locations TBA! This information can be downloaded to print here:

Note on eligibility: Any member of the HRDC (all those who have participated in an HRDC production at some point in the past two semesters) is eligible to vote, both in Executive Board Elections (Nov. 15) and on Constitutional Amendments (Nov. 7). You are expected to read all of the candidate statements and/or all of the proposed amendments (to be sent out over the newsletter)  before elections. At board elections, you must be present for the entirety of the Q&A and discussion session for a position in order to vote in that election.

Any member of the HRDC is eligible to run for the Executive Board positions of Vice President/Mainstage Coordinator, Ex Coordinator, Technical Liaison, Campus Liaison, Treasurer, Historian, and Publicity Coordinator. Any current member of the Board is eligible to run for President.


Meetings and info sessions:

Sun. 11/6, 7pm: Spring Interest Forum.

6:30-7pm: Applying to Direct/Running for Board: info session!

7pm: Spring Interest Forum. Come share your ideas for next semester (directors, designers, producers, anyone!). If you have a full show and vision that you’d like to “pitch”, that’s great! If you don’t have a show, but really want to build a giant house on a certain stage, that’s great! If you don’t have any concrete plans, but really want to do a show dealing with a certain issue, that’s equally great! If you’re not attached to anything, this is the time to come hear who might need your skills! Contact Emily Bergquist ([email protected]) with any questions or to serve as proxy if you cannot attend but would like to get your ideas out there.

Mon. 11/7, 7pm: Open Meeting on Gender and Sexuality in Harvard Theater. The HRDC will be holding an open meeting on November 7th at which we will be discussing gender and sexuality in our community and will be voting on the Constitutional Amendments proposed at the Open Meeting on Oct. 9th. All members of the HRDC community are highly encouraged to attend. The full ballot for Nov. 7th is available here: We highly recommend that you read through the proposed amendments prior to the meeting.


Board elections dates and deadlines:

Sun. 11/6, 6:30-7pm (immediately before the Spring Interest Forum): Applying to Direct/Running for Board Info Session. Please attend this meeting if you are planning to run for board or apply to direct a show in the Loeb next season!

Tues. 11/8, 11:59pm: Candidate position preferences due. All candidates interested in running for board must email their top three position preferences to [email protected]. We will coordinate the order of elections accordingly, and you will have time to adjust your top choice if need be.

Thu. 11/10, 11:59pm: Candidate statements due. All candidates interested in running for board must submit a statement (up to 1 page) and a brief Harvard theater resume (up to 1 page) for their top choice position to[email protected].

Tues. 11/15, 6:30pm: HRDC Board Elections. All members of the HRDC are expected to attend, barring a non-movable conflict.


Space application dates and deadlines for Spring 2017 shows:

Sun. 11/6, 6:30-7pm, immediately before the Spring Interest Forum:

Applying to Direct/Running for Board Info Session. If you are planning to apply to direct in a Loeb space and cannot attend this meeting, please reach out to the board to let us know your plans by emailing [email protected] for Mainstage applications and [email protected] for Ex applications.

Sun. 11/20, 11:59pm:

Mainstage Pre-apps due. Email PDF to [email protected] and [email protected].

Sun. 11/27, 11:59pm:

Mainstage apps due to [email protected] and [email protected].

Ex pre-apps due to [email protected] and [email protected].

Sun. 12/4, 11:59pm:

Ex apps due in PDF form to [email protected] and [email protected].