2020 HRDC Board Elections

HRDC Board Elections for the 2020 board will occur at 5pm on Nov 20 in Loeb RRC!

If you are interested in running for board, check out the position descriptions on our board page and come to our info session at 6:15pm on Nov 6 in Loeb RRC to learn more about being on board and ask us any questions you may have. To run for board, you will need to email [email protected] by 11:59pm Nov 16 stating intent to run (all you need to include is a list of positions you are planning on running for, non-binding, as you can choose to drop down to other positions during elections). Then, email a short statement (~250 words, or ~500 words if running for President) and your theatrical resume to [email protected] by 11:59pm Nov 18. These statements and resumes will be distributed to the HRDC community via the newsletter list the morning of Nov 19. (note that the current VP will be coordinating elections, since the current President will be running again).

As a reminder, anyone who has been involved in a show that was cast through common casting or that took place in the Loeb Drama Center is eligible to both run for board and vote at elections (although you must have previously been a member of the HRDC board to run for President). Officially, elections are mandatory for all HRDC members, so no rehearsal or other calls may occur during this time! You must be present during elections to run for a position or vote (though if you absolutely cannot make it, email [email protected] to discuss voting absentee).