The Gondoliers; or, The King of Barataria

Written by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan
Directed by Julius Wade
Music Direction by Mary Reynolds
Produced by Amanda Gonzalez-Piloto, Olivia Manickas-Hill, Abraham Rebollo, and Richard Tong


Agassiz Theater

Friday, March 29 @ 8 PM (Creative Black Tie Opening)
Saturday, March 30 @ 2 PM (Milk & Cookies and Accessible Matinee)
Saturday, March 30 @ 8 PM
Sunday, March 31 @ 2 PM
Thursday, April 4 @ 8 PM (Free with HUID)
Friday, April 5 @ 8 PM
Saturday, April 6 @ 6 PM (Alumni Performance followed by Victorian Ball)
Sunday, April 7 @ 2 PM


The Gondoliers is quite the adventure: there’s love, a secret marriage at birth, mistaken identity, and a mix up about royal succession. Two gondoliers, Marco and Giuseppe, have believed they are brothers their entire lives. It comes as a shock to all when the Grand Inquisitor, reveals that one of them is actually the heir to the throne of Barataria, and was married in infancy to the beautiful Casilda. As our bumbling heroes try to make sense of their situation , Gilbert & Sullivan deliver a biting satire of the English class system and the excesses of capitalism.




Stage Director … Julius Wade
Music Director … Mary Reynolds
Stage Manager … Ava Hampton
Producer … Amanda Gonzalez-Piloto
Producer … Olivia Manickas-Hill
Producer … Abraham Rebollo
Producer … Richard Tong
Technical Director …
Assistant Technical Director … Cameron Decker
Assistant Technical Director … Faith Ng
Assistant Technical Director … Alaina Richert
Assistant Technical Director … Sam Thau
Assistant Technical Director … Tori Tong
Set Designer … Sabrina Richert
Paint Charge … Hannah Eckstein
Lighting Designer … David Gardner
Master Electrician … Daphne Kaxiras
Props Designer …
Costume Designer … Jamie Paterno Ostmann
Hair & Makeup … Camille Belanger