Roy Loves America

A Theater, Dance, & Media Senior Thesis Production

Written by Ali Astin, Chloe Brooks, Sahil Handa, Damian Liu, Molly Peterson, Thomas Peterson, Abraham Rebollo, Eliya Smith, Ben Ubinas, and Sabrina Wu
Directed by Thomas Peterson ’18
Produced by Sam Hagen ’18 and Julia Rew ’21


The Harvard Dance Center

Thursday, April 19  at 8pm.
Friday, April 20 at 8pm.
Sunday April 22 at 2pm and 8pm

Run time: 1 hour, no intermission

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Roy Cohn died of AIDS in 1986. It has been more than thirty years since his death, but his protégé now sits in the Oval Office. We live in Roy Cohn’s America, an America of political ruthlessness, of fabricated media spectacle, of power without meaning. This piece is about Cohn and the world he has left us, but it is also a reckoning with the queer utopian vision of Tony Kushner’s Angels in America. “Roy Loves America” is a TDM senior thesis directed by Thomas Peterson and created collaboratively with an ensemble of nine performers who tell the story through found and invented text, dance, music, media, and the joy of playing on stage.


Ali Astin
Chloe Brooks
Sahil Handa
Damian Liu
Molly Peterson
Abraham Rebollo
Eliya Smith
Ben Ubinas
Sabrina Wu


Director … Thomas Peterson
Producer … Sam Hagen
Producer … Julia Riew
Stage Manager … Hanna Printz
Light Design … Sarah K Grammar
Scenic Design … Thomas Peterson
Choreography … Laurel McCaull
Co-Sound Design … Eliza Blair Mantz
Co-Sound Design … Liv Weinstein
Co-Costume Design … Julia Steigerwald Schnall
Co-Costume Design … Ali Astin
Props Design … Isabel Haro
Tech Direction … Beckett Mullen
Dramaturgy … Eliya Smith
Faculty Advisor … Marcus Stern YSD ’90