Romeo and Juliet

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Ali Astin ’19 and Ben Ubiñas ’19
Produced by Jonathan Castillo ’21 and Julia Riew ’21


The Agassiz Theatre

Wednesday, December 5 at 7:30pm
Thursday, December 6 at 7:30pm
Friday, December 7 at 7:30pm
Saturday, December 8 at 2pm
Saturday, December 8 at 7:30pm

Run time: 2 hours with an intermission

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Swashbuckling, Murder, Banishment, Feuding Families, and Star-Crossed Lovers. A story of overpowering love and loss: The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare graces the stage of the Agassiz Theater this December. Shakespeare made you fall in love with his characters on the page and you’ll fall in love again with this lavish production as feuding families break way to rising rambunctious youth as love reigns supreme.

Please be aware that the content of this show deals explicitly with the subject of suicide.


Escalus, prince of Verona … Janiah Lockett
Paris, a young nobleman … Nathaniel Liberman
Montague head of the Montague household … Phiroze Parasnis
Capulet head of the Capulet household … Luke Williams
Lady Montague, wife to Montague … Athena Capo-Battaglia
Lady Capulet, wife to Capulet … Rachel Share-Sapolsky
Juliet, daughter to Capulet … Celia Kenney
Nurse to Juliet … Annabel O’Hagan
Old man, cousin to Capulet …
Romeo, son to Montague … Connor Doyle
Mercutio, kinsman to the prince, and friend to Romeo … Max Burkholder
Benvolio, nephew to Montague, and friend to Romeo … Henry Lynch
Tybalt, nephew to Lady Capulet … Nick Amador
Friar Laurence, Franciscan … Jake Corvino
Friar John, Franciscan … Noah Gold
Balthasar, servant to Romeo …
Sampson, servant to Capulet … Nick Barna
Gregory, servant to Capulet & Apothecary … Brian Bertrand
Peter, servant to Juliet’s nurse … Margaret Butler
Abraham, servant to Montague & Balthasar, servant to Romeo … Cam Cashin
Citizens of Verona & Watchmen … Madi Fabber


Director … Ali Astin
Director … Ben Ubiñas
Co-Producer … Jonathan Castillo
Co-Producer … Julia Riew
Co-Stage Manager … Hannah Printz
Co-Stage Manager … Morgan Booker
Publicity Producer … Sophia Jackman
Lighting Designer … Charlie O’Mara
Co-Set Designer … Sabrina Richert
Co-Set Designer … Sabrina Yates
Technical Director … Allison Sharmann
Costume Designer … Serena Chen
Props Designer … Audrey Thorne
Graphic Designer … Kevin Bao
Master of Festivities … Celia Kenney
Assistant To the Master of Festivities … Henry Lynch
DanceMaster General … KeeHup Yong
Duke of Jests and Vests … Jake Corvino
Squire of Snacks … Christian Savarese
Czar of the T-Shirt Cannon *in absentia … Marvin Merritt IV