Our Voices

Directed by Rachel Kahn and Carla Troconis
Produced by Maddie Snow and Kiki Albanese


Leverett Library Theater

April 6th – April 7th


Our Voices is a collaborative project that began as a specific response to rape culture on our campus and has grown to include other forms of identity-based violence.

We use our storytelling to reclaim control of our own narratives surrounding these issues. We welcome submissions of all kinds: poems, videos, monologues, scenes, original songs, dances, and paintings. You can perform your own work, request that another artist perform it, or perform someone else’s work. These pieces will be workshopped to your comfort level, with options for varying levels of anonymity. You need not be a survivor of sexual assault to participate–we know that violences, in all forms, affect everyone, and we want this to be a safe and open space for meaningful engagement with these issues.