Operation 1600

Written by Frank Garland ’20
Directed by Gregory Lipson ’20
Produced by Connie Zhao ’19 and Sarah Shamoon ’21


The Loeb Experimental Theater

Friday, March 23 at 7pm
Saturday March 24 at 2pm
Saturday March 24 at 7pm
Sunday March 25 at 2pm
Thursday March 29 at 7pm
Friday March 30 at 7pm
Saturday March 31 at 7pm
Run time: 1 hour, no intermission
Email [email protected] to reserve your tickets!


Operation 1600 is a hilarious, student written comedy following Dana Balan, who has just been kicked out of the senate due to an obscure rules violation brought up by her political opponents, led by Senator Briggs. When she finds out that prominent art historian Dr. Edna Landers is claiming that the Whitehouse has replaced the real constitution with a fake copy, she must assemble a heist team to break into the Whitehouse and find the constitution before Briggs can destroy it.


Martin … Sathvik Sudireddy
Gwen … Jahnelle Biasor
Joe … Annabelle Winter (BU ’20)
Briggs … Nick Durham
Dana … Mary Katherine Howard
Kat … Isa Lapuerta
Nick … Aidan Gibbons
Andi … Allison Scharmann
Edna … Rory Wakeford
Florida … Ruiqi He
Clem … Nikki Daurio


Director … Gregory Lipson
Playwright … Frank Garland
Producer … Connie Zhao
Producer … Sarah Shamoon
Stage Manager … Jonathan Castillo
Technical Director … Duha Alfatlawi
Technical Supervisor … Richard Tong
Set Designer … Shuo Zhao
Lighting Designer … Chloe Yu
Costumes Designer … Hope Green
Sound Designer … Nathaniel Brodsky
Props Designer … Shannon Beattie