Written by Seneca the Younger
Adapted by The Harvard Classics Club
Director TBA
Music Directed by Colton Carter ’20
Produced by Sasha Barish ’20, Benjamin Roy ’20 and Samuel Puopolo ’20


Showtimes TBA

Run time: 75 minutes, no intermission.

To reserve free tickets once showtimes are announced, email [email protected] with your name and the date you will attend.

*Please be advised that this performance depicts murder and infanticide.


As a princess of the Southern Caucasus, Medea falls in love with the Greek hero Jason and betrays her family and homeland for him. Years later, living as a foreigner in Greece, Medea is abandoned by Jason and forced into exile. This psychological thriller from the ancient Mediterranean explores alienation, migration, and the circumstances under which people make cruel and irrational decisions, probing the depths of Medea’s humanity… and her inhumanity. In Seneca’s Medea, the journey from sorrow to violent revenge plays out onstage. A new translation by students makes ancient tragedy accessible to modern audiences in contemporary English.


Medea … Janiah Lockett
Jason …
Creon …
Nurse …
Messenger …
Chorus leader …
Chorus members …


Set Designer … Sabrina Richert
Costume Designer … Alyssa Turner
Props Designer … Harry Sage
Technical Director … Angel Mata
Script and Translation Manager … Muhua Yang
Publicity Manager … Sophie Webster