In the Heights

Book by Quiara Alegría Hudes
Music and Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda
Directed and Music Directed by Daniel Rodriguez ’18
Produced by Sherry Gao ’19 and Aaron Olkin ’20



Thursday, April 13th at 7:30pm
Friday, April 14th at 4:30pm
Friday, April 14th at 9pm

Run time: 2 hours, 25 minutes with intermission.


Harvard College TEATRO! is proud to present In the Heights, a contemporary musical with a rich combination of styles ranging from rap to latin to funk. Set in Washington Heights, a predominately Latinx neighborhood in NYC, this show tells the story of immigrant families creating a home and a community as they watch their barrio become increasingly gentrified. The characters of In the Heights display the challenges and sacrifices borne by older immigrant generations, as well as the expectations that these create in their children as they all try to build a home in a bustling foreign city. With fun, vibrant dance numbers and emotive music, this show is a celebration of Latinx culture and the immigrant experience on which this country is built.


Usnavi … Nick Hornedo
Nina … Allison Toledo
Vanessa … Julia Biedry
Benny … Max Whittington-Cooper
Sonny … Brandon Martinez
Abuela Claudia … Isabella Kopits
Kevin … Justin Sanchez
Camila … Cecilia Laguarda
Daniela … Maria Victoria Paredes
Carla … Ariana Soto
Graffiti Pete … Abe Rebollo
Piraguero … Kevin Servellon
Ensemble … Isabel Lapuerta, Ife Famojuro, Jhanelle Bisasor, Ryan Kapur


Director and Music Director … Daniel Rodriguez
Executive Producer … Sherry Gao
Technical Producer … Aaron Olkin
Outreach Producer … Shelby Martinez
Associate Producers of Publicity … Emily Zoffer, David Gevarter
Assistant Finance Producer … Ian Mullane
Stage Manager … Lee Hittner-Cunningham
Assistant Stage Managers … Julius Wade, Leesa Quinlan
Choreographers … Angie Cui, Joao Paolo Krug Palva
Set Designer … Alison Reed
Technical Director … Xavier Escobar
Lighting Designer … Aaron Olkin
Sound Designer and Assistant Music Director … Max Seiss
Costume Designers … Norman Storer and Maia Suazo-Maler
Props Master … Chiara Albanese
Hair and Makeup Designer … Carmella Verrastro
Consulting Directors … Missy Dreier, Mike Skerett