IGP Presents: The Splash Zone (Laugh Riot XIX)

Directed by Mike Skerrett ’18
Produced by Grant Hoechst ’18 and Kira Brenner ’18


Adams Pool Theater

Friday, February 24 at 7pm and 9pm
Saturday, February 25 at 7pm and 9pm

Run time: 1 hour, 30 minutes without intermission.

Email¬†[email protected] to reserve your free tickets.


Hope you brought your ponchos! The Immediate Gratification Players are back for our nineteenth annual Laugh Riot improv festival, featuring professional groups from UCB and college groups from Columbia, Wesleyan, Brown, and beyond. Two nights and four shows of improvised laughs, all for free in the Adams Pool Theater. WHEEEEEeeeeee! *splash*

This performance may not be suitable for children under the age of 14. (We’re going to spill the beans about Santa and the Easter Bunny.)


Grant Hoechst
Mike Skerrett
Karen Chee
Adam Wong
Gwen Thomas
Kira Brenner
Matthew Goodkin-Gold
Tucker Flodman
Hope Green
Frank Garland


Director … Mike Skerrett
Producers … Grant Hoechst, Kira Brenner
Stage Manager … Karen Chee
Publicity Managers … Matthew Goodkin-Gold, Tucker Flodman
Stage Designer … Hope Green
Director of Morale … Frank Garland
Religious Advisor … Adam Wong
Produce Supplier … Gwen Thomas