A Theater, Dance & Media Senior Thesis Production

Written by Stephen Karam & PJ Paparelli
Directed by Derek Speedy ’18
Produced by Steph Ferrarie ’18 & David Lynch ’20


Farkas Hall

Friday, December 1 at 7:30pm
Saturday, December 2 at 7:30pm
Sunday December 3 at 2pm

Run time: 2 hours, 10 minutes with intermission.

Visit the Harvard Box Office online or in person at 10 Holyoke Street to purchase your tickets.


Hailed as “an ambitious examination of the suburbanization of evil” (Washington Post), columbinus investigates the often-cruel realities of teen culture in America by exploring the events that led up to and consequently spurred one of the most notorious days in American history. The actions of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris at Columbine High School in the final spring of the 20th century has left us with more questions than answers: how do two seemingly good boys from good families commit such an act? What are the environments we create in the school, in the house, and interpersonally, that allow these sort of terror attacks to happen? And how do we ask the right questions in order to prevent this from happening again? Can we prevent this from ever happening again? Begin to think about and explore the intersection between theatre and politics as we delve into one of the most challenging productions to ever come to Harvard’s campus.

Please be advised that this show is not intended for students under the age of 16. Mature themes are discussed. Gunshot sound effects and strobe lights will be used.


Loner … Max Burkholder ‘21
Jock … Jake Corvino ‘19
Prep … Jackson Grigsby ‘20
AP … Ryan Kapur ‘20
Rebel … Celia Kenney ‘20
Freak … Henry Lynch ‘20
Perfect … Annabel O’Hagan ‘19
Faith … Milan Williams ‘21


Director … Derek Speedy
Stage Manager … Anisa Ahmed
Associate Director … Eli Zuzovsky
Dramaturg … Yan Chen
Lighting Designer … Aaron Olkin
Costumer Designer/Props Manager….Rhea Bennett
Sound Team … Nathaniel Brodksy, Maddie Snow, Jake Stepansky
Sound Programmer … Molly Nolan
Set Designer … Bryant Huggins
Technical Directors … Bryant Huggins, Steph Ferrarie
Video Designer … Alex Cohen
Projection Designer … Shuya Gong
Media Programmer … Federico Roitman
Choreographer … Liz Kantor
Fight Choreographer … Kim Carrell
Asst. Stage Managers … Lindsay McAuliffe, Marvin Merritt, Jenny Koons
Media Advisor … Jonathan Carr
Poster Designer … Beth Curley
Technical Advisors … Andrew Gitchell, Joe Short
Thesis Advisor … Marcus Stern
Producers … Steph Ferrarie, David Lynch