Alexander’s Feast

Music by George Frederic Handel
Libretto by Newburgh Hamilton
Directed by Steve Kunis ’17
Music Directed by Sam Wu ’17 & Sean Rodan ’17
Produced by Schuyler Berland ’16, Henry Shreffler ’18, & George Goodwin ’17

Thursday, December 3rd at 8 p.m.
Friday, December 4th at 8 p.m.
Saturday, December 5th at 8 p.m.

Intermission: No
Runtime: 1 hour

Alexander the Great has just conquered the Persian city of Persepolis and taken it for his own. The audience has been invited to one of the greatest banquets the empire has yet to see, in celebration of this wondrous occasion. As a special treat, the king has called upon his favored musician Timotheus to perform. With exalted strains, Timotheus creates within Alexander the Great a sense that he has become a deity. An alteration of tone changes his mood to a desire for pleasure, and following this a longing for love of his mistress Thaïs, who sits beside him. Finally, somber strains evoke pity for the fallen King Darius, but these are followed by strident tones calling for revenge on behalf of Greek soldiers who have perished. And with that, Alexander, his mistress, and their company rush out, torches in hand, to burn Persepolis to the ground. The tale of the feast comes abruptly to an end.


Director … Steve Kunis
Music Directors … Sam Wu & Sean Rodan
Producers … Schuyler Berland, Henry Shreffler, & George Goodwin
Stage Manager … Connor Harris
Assistant Stage Manager … Joy Nasr
Tech Director … Will Harrington
Set Designer … Billy Orman
Lighting Advisor … Jess Rhodes
Lighting Designer … Suzu Sakai
Costume Designer … Maya Samach
Props Manager … Harrison Besser
Poster Designer … Serena Eggers
Orchestra Manager … James Hotchkiss
Lighting Assistant … Taiga Abe
Assistant Producer … Sumire Hirotsuru
Assistant Director … Michael Genecin
Music Supervisor … Prof. Thomas Forest Kelly
Music Supervisor … Sarah Darling