Rehearsal Space Guide

The Loeb Drama Center


Rehearsal Room C: Large room upstairs with a piano
Rehearsal Room D: Small room upstairs (the RRC piano can be moved here, if not in use)
Dance Studio: Large room under the Ex with a piano

How to reserve space

The first step, before reserving space in the Loeb, is to fill out a Production Information Sheet (available online here and at the Donut) and return it to the Donut. The Production Information Sheet must be submitted to the Donut by 9am on Thursday two weeks before you can reserve rehearsal space at the Loeb. Once this is done, you can reserve space either of two ways:

Room reservations are handled on a weekly basis. For priority room reservation, fill out the rehearsal space request form (available at the Donut) by 9am on the Thursday before the week you’re requesting space and turn it in to the Donut.  Jeremie Loizer of the A.R.T. will post the schedule (upstairs by the copier) Friday afternoon.

After the week’s schedule is posted (it will include A.R.T. Institute rehearsals, as well as any rehearsals scheduled through those rehearsal space request forms) you can pencil in space reservations in any free times. Draw a block around the time you want to reserve and write the name of the production.. If you no longer require the space you requested, RELEASE IT ON THE SCHEDULE so that others can use it.


  1. The Loeb week runs Monday-Sunday.
  2. The HRDC has priority over rehearsal spaces after 6pm (but not before).
  3. Loeb shows have space priority over non-Loeb shows; Mainstage shows have space priority over Ex shows; And Ex shows have priority over one another based on proximity to tech.
  4. Mainstage productions are granted the West Lobby as a rehearsal space for the duration of their tech from 6pm-12am.

Farkas Hall


Room 203: Large room on the 2nd floor with piano
Studio: Large room on the 3rd floor with piano, mirror, and marley floor
Farkas Lobby: The lobby sometimes has chairs or tables set up, and can be reserved for rehearsals when not in use as a lobby (i.e., not during performance times)
Stage: Able to be reserved by the next show in residency and/or with special permission
3rd Floor Conference Room: Very small room with table (can be used for table work and also has a microwave)

How to reserve space

Dana Knox is the Production Coordinator, but you’ll mostly be in contact with the production office assistants – currently Garrett Allen, Isaac Alter, and Rachel Harner.

If your show is going up in Farkas:

The OFA production office staff will be in touch soon about getting a full production calendar from you, at which point they’ll tentatively reserve the times you’ve requested (e.g., Mondays from 7-9). Then they’ll check in on a weekly basis to get your more refined schedule. Email any changes in requests to [email protected] as soon as possible.

If your show is going up in the Agassiz:

As the sister OFA space to Farkas, you get next dibs on Farkas rehearsal space. You can also submit requests for Farkas space by emailing [email protected] as they arise, and the production staff will fit you in as best they can.

If your show is going up in the Loeb, Pool, or other venue:

They schedule the remaining Farkas rehearsal space on a weekly basis. You can submit your space requests with this form. They read all these requests on Wednesdays to book space for the following week. Submitting it each Monday or Tuesday is your best bet! They’ll get back to you by late Wednesday afternoon with what they can accommodate, and you still have several days to look elsewhere, if necessary.

The main guideline of the Farkas system is that you release space that you end up not needing, ideally 24+ hours in advance. Even if it’s just shortening your reservation by 30 minutes, this practice allows for a more fair distribution of space between all groups.


  1. Resident groups (the Kroks, Pitches, and The Hasty Pudding) and resident shows have priority over non-resident groups and shows. Agassiz shows have priority over other non-resident shows.
  2. The Hasty Pudding is in residency during the month of January, so the stage and studio are generally occupied.  (They are in performances during February until Spring Break so the stage is occupied during that time, as well).
  3. Space may be reserved before 6pm, but some classes meet in Farkas rooms, so the space available before this time is limited.
  4. After resident groups/shows are granted space, shows are given spaced in the order in which their forms were submitted, so try to submit your requests as early as possible.

Agassiz Theater


Horner Room: Room behind the stage with piano
Stage: No piano, but keyboard can be taken out of storage with Liz Dean’s permission

How to reserve space

Email Liz Dean ([email protected]) and [email protected].  Generally these spaces are reserved for shows in residency.

Yard & House Spaces


Feel free to get creative with the spaces you use for rehearsals!  Many freshman dorms and houses have music practice rooms and other rooms that can easily be used for rehearsals.  Generally, only residents may reserve space in a particular house.

Other Spaces

Other spaces across campus include (but are not limited to): Lowell Lecture Hall basement rooms, rehearsal spaces in the SOCH, Holden Chapel, rooms in Memorial Hall and Science Center Lecture Halls, space at Memorial Church, the studios at the Dance Center and at 74 Mt. Auburn Street.

How to reserve space

Many potential rehearsal spaces on campus are able to be reserved through FAS RoomBook, ( You must be listed as an officer in a student organization in order to book a room.  Upon request, the HRDC can list you as a stage manager on the portal.  Email [email protected] if you anticipate booking a room through RoomBook.

An advantage of RoomBook is that it allows groups to reserve space in real time – so you don’t have to wait to find out if you have your space!

The tool will narrow your search results based on the criteria you list (piano, number of people, etc.).  In general, the SOCH has great rehearsal rooms if you don’t mind the hike to the Quad.

The Memorial Hall Green Room (Room 038) has a good piano. Contact the Program Associate at Memorial Hall, 496.4595

Visit the OFA website for more information about reserving dance studios and music practice rooms, specifically for choreography or music rehearsals.