Newsletter and Listserv



The HRDC Publicity Coordinator sends out a weekly newsletter announcing upcoming theatrical events and opportunities, open staff positions, current shows, and much more. You can subscribe to the newsletter here. If you’re confused about how to subscribe to the newsletter, please ask the Publicity Coordinator at [email protected].


To submit an announcement, please use this form. Submissions for each week’s newsletter are due at 10:00 pm on Saturday; the newsletter is distributed every Sunday.

Announcements should be 100-150 words, with a strict maximum of 200 words (including the title of your announcement and any contact/submission information). The HRDC reserves the right to edit the content of your blurb for style and brevity.

Shows with up-to-date listings and performance dates in the Publicity Manager app will automatically be included in the newsletter.

Discussion List and Season List

The HRDC also maintains two mailing lists for the purposes of communicating with students currently working on shows.

The season list is created at the beginning of each season by the Campus Liaison and is used to communicate important campus-wide deadlines and obligations to the administrators (directors, producers, and stage managers) involved with each production.

The season list should not be used for general discussions or more casual communication, both to avoid overwhelming individuals with unnecessary communication (subscription is compulsory for all shows in the season) and also to avoid limiting these discussions to just the individuals on the list. If you’re not subscribed to the Season List and think you should be, please contact the Campus Liaison, at [email protected]

For more casual discussions and to communicate other information to the undergraduate theater community at large, the HRDC also runs the hrdc-discussion list, which you can subscribe to here.