Working with the A.R.T.

The American Repertory Theater
The American Repertory Theater is an outstanding resource for student theater at Harvard. Through internships and front of house positions, students can gain insight into the workings of a professional theater. Additionally, the ART staff act as both official and unofficial advisers for students in HRDC, serving as a resource for everything from lighting information to marketing advice. Need an introduction or not sure who can answer your questions? Contact the President at [email protected]

Each summer, the ART offers Artistic, Production, and Marketing internships to Harvard undergraduates on the first show of the season. This is a tremendous opportunity for students to gain experience working on a professional show. Additionally, internship opportunities appear sporadically throughout the semester in a variety of areas. Interested students are encouraged to read the HRDC Newsletter to get information about both summer and semester opportunities as soon as it is released.

Working for Front of House
The ART employs many people on its Front of House staff, which is made up of Ushers, Bar Managers, and House Managers. Working FOH is a great way to understand how a professional theater runs and to learn about customer service. FOH is not often hiring, but if you are interested in becoming an Usher, you should email the FOH Manager, Stephen Wuycheck, at [email protected]

HRDC Advisors

Jeremie Lozier, Production Supervisor for Pedagogical Programs
I am here to help and support the HRDC! My main focus is on shows happening in the Loeb Drama Center and Oberon, but I am happy to advise or help any HRDC show. For shows at the Loeb and Oberon, I meet with producing and production teams to approve plans and budgets. I am always happy to advise on safety or design issues and if I don’t have an answer I will connect you with someone who does. My goal is to help you have a successful, safe, and creative show! I also function as a liaison for the HRDC to the ART to make sure everything is running smoothly and information is distributed. I support Load-ins and Load-outs as well as teach shop trainings. In addition, I maintain the Ex theater, HRDC [red] tool room, HRDC paint supplies, and HRDC stock equipment. The best way to reach me is via email at [email protected].

Marcus Stern
As HRDC Advisor I am one of the primary liaisons between the American Repertory Theater and the undergraduates doing theater in The Loeb. I regularly consult with A.R.T.’s Artistic Director Diane Paulus regarding undergraduate issues. I am the faculty advisor on most HRDC mainstage shows, offer directing workshops for undergraduates directing in The Ex each semester, and assign faculty advisors for all The Ex shows. I try to help match up appropriate ART or Institute faculty, staff and/or grad students who might best assist an undergraduate with a theater question or issue. I help to address issues of communication that may come up between HRDC, A.R.T. and The Institute (the graduate theater program here at Harvard) regarding sharing space in The Loeb, and stay in regular contact with the HRDC president to find out in what ways we at A.R.T. might be of best assistance to HRDC. As part of our continued effort to help create mutually rewarding interactions and relationships between the undergraduates, the A.R.T. and The Institute please feel free to contact me and/or the HRDC board with any ideas, questions, or concerns you may have. Our goal is to achieve the best and most supportive communication possible between three strong, productive and creative entities — we want everyone to reap maximum benefits from each other’s presence here at The Loeb. The best way to contact me is via e-mail at [email protected].