For Producers

Interested in producing theater at Harvard, but don’t know where to start? Start here!

See the Information for Directors page for more information about applying to different Harvard theater spaces.

HRDC Loeb Handbooks

The Loeb Space Handbook is a general resource for working in Loeb spaces, and producers should be generally aware of all the information here.

Information about HRDC shows in the Loeb Drama center can be found on the bulletin board outside of the HRDC Board Office. Producers and Directors will receive a welcome and info email from the Board Tech Liaison detailing due dates for their production. Linked below is an approximate production schedule, as well as the Loeb A/V inventory lists.

HRDC Deadlines and Inventories

The following three pages detail the basic responsibilities for producers in the main theater spaces available to HRDC shows.

Producing on the Loeb Mainstage
Producing in the Ex
Producing in OFA Spaces and the Adams Pool

Producing in the Ex? Check out these documents as well!

Ex Safety Guidelines
Ex Strike Checklist

Forms, lists, and samples related to each category on these pages as well as additional resources for producers are listed below.


Budget Guidelines for Loeb Shows
Applying for Grants
Budget Template and Samples
Vendor Reimbursement Form

Staff Management

Sample Production Calendar
Sample Production Calendar Items
Tips on Running Production Meetings


Opportunities for Publicity
How to Print Posters in the Science Center
Sample Press Packet


Harvard Box Office Ticketing Form

Additional Resources

Loeb Production Information Sheet