Props Design

The following timeline offers information for anyone designing or managing props for a production. There may be specific requirements for your space; for example, you may be required to submit design plans to Kat Nakaji if you are working in the Loeb. Consult with your producers if you have questions.

 For information on using the Loeb Prop and Costume Stock, please refer to this PDF.

Before you start

  • Know the show: get a script or recording of the production and familiarize yourself with the historical period, etc. This will make your job much easier when it comes time to find specific props
  • Meet with your director to discuss his/her vision for the production, and double check your budget with the producer.
  • Create an initial props list including any items mentioned in the text. Discuss with the director which items will be used.

Five weeks prior to production

  • Continue updating your props list based on information from rehearsal reports, production meetings, or from meeting with the director.
  • Divide the props into categories based on whether they can be pulled, or whether need to be borrowed or purchased.
  • Begin looking for props that need to be purchased online and in local shops.
    • If you purchase props, use the p-card whenever possible. Be sure to save all receipts and hand them into your producer. If you purchase things yourself (without using the p-card) be sure to use the Tax Exemption form, which you can get from your producer.
    • If you wish to purchase props online, send the links and detailed information about which item you wish to purchase to Kat Nakaji (for Loeb shows) or to the technical supervisor for your space.

Four weeks prior to production

  • Schedule a meeting with Suzy Kadiff, the props stock manager. She can be reached by phone (496-2000×8876) on Tuesdays from 1-6pm, Thursdays 1-7pm, and Fridays from 12-2pm. You will need to schedule a time to visit props stock (located in the basement of the Loeb) to look for and pull items stored there. She will provide you with the paperwork necessary to check the props out
    • Note: Shows being performed in non-Loeb spaces need to provide a $100 deposit for the props. The deposit will be kept and returned upon receipt of the props.
  • Attend the designer run (a full run of the show for all of the designers). The director/producer should inform you of when this is taking place.

Three weeks prior to production-opening night

  • Continue buying, making, or finding props. Ask your friends, the cast, the staff, your housemates, etc. for help – use all the resources available to you.
  • Communicate with the director and producer to insure that all props needs are met.
  • At load-in, set up the props table with the stage manager.

Run of Show

  • Be available for any repairs or alterations that need to be made during the run.

After Closing

  • Bring props back to stock room, but DO NOT RETURN TO THEIR ORIGINAL SPOTS. Return during Suzy’s hours to check them in with her assistance.