Executive Board


The HRDC Board strives to uphold the mission statement of the organization by promoting interest in theater at Harvard, organizing and administering student participation in productions housed in the Loeb Drama Center, and acting as an umbrella organization for Harvard theater by assisting in the production of theatrical works elsewhere on campus.


 President: Carla Troconis ’19 

Carla is a senior in Cabot House, concentrating in Government and, now, essentially pursuing an unofficial secondary in VES (shh – don’t tell her parents). She is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina but feels much more attached to her dual homelands of Venezuela and Brazil #LatinaAllTheWay. She is a director, actor, producer, designer, and technician for theater on this campus.  Outside theater, she writes and directs film, is involved with the Harvard Political Review, looks out for birbs everywhere she goes, and the all too common pastime of Pad Thai and Netflix. She is your HRDC President, so hit her up with any and all questions because #that’sherjob and also because she is always open and willing to talk about theater, performance, art, or life at Harvard, especially over arepas.

DUTIES: The President of the HRDC, in addition to facilitating and coordinating the actions of all other board members, serves as the primary liaison between the ART, OFA, Committee of Dramatic Arts, and Deans of Harvard College.

CONTACT: [email protected]          PRONOUNS: she, her, hers

Vice President/Mainstage Coordinator: Sherry Gao ’19

Sherry is a junior in Currier studying Chemical and Physical Biology. When she’s not running around trying to figure out what in the world organic chemistry is, you can find her trying to come up with math puns to impress her Math 21a section that she course assists. In her free time, she serves as the Vice President and the Loeb Mainstage Coordinator for the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club, as well as the 2016-2017 Skater Liaison and 2018 Board Coordinator for Eliot House’s An Evening with Champions benefit that works with The Jimmy Fund and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for pediatric cancer research. She is the 2018 Pechet Opera Fellow and is the producer for their production of Rossini’s Le Comte Ory.   

DUTIES: The VP coordinates the HRDC productions that occur on the Mainstage of the Loeb every semester. The VP also handles the OFA sponsored Visiting Director Project, in which a professional director works with a student cast and production team on the Mainstage each fall.

CONTACT: [email protected]          PRONOUNS: she, her, hers


Ex Coordinator: Maddie Snow ’20 

Maddie is a sophomore living in Leverett House and concentrating in Psychology with secondary fields in History, chocolate consumption, and sending emails 24/7. She is an avid producer and performer in HRDC and also serves on the boards of Harvard College Opera and Harvard College Musical Theater. She cares deeply about creating and promoting opportunities for new and younger members of Harvard theatre, supporting artists’ mental health, and building and strengthening this wonderful community. Feel free to reach out with any questions about the Experimental Theater, clever puns about her last name, ideas for making HRDC more inclusive, intersectional, and fun, or simply to hang out and talk over coffee about anything and everything!

DUTIES: The Ex Coordinator oversees the Loeb Experimental Theater, a variable-seating space that is the premier black-box space on campus.

CONTACT: [email protected]          PRONOUNS: she, her, hers


Campus Liaison: Abbie Sage ’21 

Abbie Sage is a freshman living in Hollis and concentrating in English. She’s from Austin, Texas and will probably never learn how to deal with cold weather, but it’s a process. Abbie is a fierce proponent of technical theater, hummus, Oscar Wilde, and passing cows on the side of the road. Other than stage managing as many shows as possible, she is involved in the Harvard College Dems (#ProudTexasDemocrat) and is a member of the Crimson Editorial Board. She is absolutely thrilled to be serving as your Campus Liaison, so be sure to hit her up with questions about Common Casting, auditioning on campus, or Remy the Humanities Cat.

DUTIES: The Campus Liaison is responsible for organizing and running Common Casting, maintaining relations between the HRDC and other campus theater groups, and conducting outreach to the Harvard community past and present.

CONTACT: [email protected]          PRONOUNS: she, her, hers

Technical Liaison: Gabby Preston ’20

Gabby is a sophomore living in Quincy, studying History&Literature (Focus Field: Ethnic Studies), designing / building / technical directing too many shows, and probably napping somewhere in Farkas. Home is Upper Marlboro, Maryland, but you may be told Washington DC if you ask. Gabby is so, so proud to serve as your HRDC Technical Liaison, and also serves as the BlackCAST Technical Coordinator! Hit up Gabby about all things technical theater, BlackCAST, Wakanda, gender, beautiful dogs, Janelle Monae, and bikes.

DUTIES: The Tech Liaison arranges Backstage Week, publicizes information about design and technician positions that are open on campus, oversees the Loeb Technical Requirement, and is available as a technical resource to everyone.

CONTACT: [email protected]

 Historian: Devonne Pitts ’21

Devonne Pitts (she usually goes by “Von”) is a freshman living in Thayer, who plans on joint concentrating in Theater, Dance & Media and African-American studies next year. Her involvement within the HRDC community, besides serving on this year’s executive board, includes acting, producing, and designing. She is an aspiring director and playwright, and one day hopes to bring an original work to life on a Harvard stage. Her hobbies include listening to music, sleeping, and all things theater. If you ever have any questions about the HRDC archives, actor’s equity, or HRDC alumni networks, feel free to send her email!

DUTIES: The Historian is responsible for acting as a liaison between the Board and the HRDC community, documenting and maintaining the history of the HRDC, and serving as a coordinator of HRDC alumni relations.

CONTACT: [email protected]          PRONOUNS: she, her, hers


Treasurer: Aaron Olkin ’20

Aaron Olkin is a sophomore in Lowell House concentrating in Computer Science and planning a secondary in Theater, Dance, and Media. He is from Princeton, NJ, but since getting elected has started rapidly moving into the Loeb Drama Center. He mainly does lighting design, but has recently gotten into technical direction (but only for sets consisting exclusively of staircases), and would like everyone to know that he also does sound design. Since Aaron loves nothing more than staring at spreadsheets all day, please reach out to him if you have any questions about financing your shows, or just wanna discuss your latest and greatest concept for the mainstage #loebislife.

DUTIES: The Treasurer is in charge of finances for the Loeb Ex and Mainstage, as well as the HRDC budget. If you have a question about reimbursements, allowable items for a budget, or ideas for HRDC purchases, email the treasurer!

CONTACT: [email protected]          PRONOUNS: he/him/his


Publicity Coordinator: Elle Shaheen ’21

Elle is a freshman living in Thayer and concentrating in TDM. Yay Theater! She is from the S’WONDERFUL town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Elle is an actor, singer, dancer, choreographer, producer, playwright. . .and all that jazz. When Elle was little she dreamed of being an endocrinologist by day and Broadway star by night so make sure you schedule an appointment before 5:30 so she can make it to her call time (before 12:30 for the matinees). If you ever have questions about HRDC, pub things, New Hampshire, theater, bits, false eyelashes, or wanting to put Singin’ in the Rain on the mainstage, send her an email! 

DUTIES: The publicity coordinator updates and maintains the HRDC website and sends out the HRDC Newsletter. He also maintains all HRDC social media accounts and coordinates greater Boston publicity outreach.

CONTACT: [email protected]          PRONOUNS: she/her/hers



HRDC Board Elections are held annually, in November, at an open meeting of the HRDC. Each officer holds their position for one calendar year. New members assume the duties and privileges of office at the beginning of the spring semester.

Anyone who has been involved with a campus production in any way can run for the HRDC Board. Candidates are encouraged to look at the duties and responsibilities of each position (described above and in the HRDC Constitution) and to email current board members to learn more about their perspective office when deciding to run. Candidates for office should nominate themselves by submitting a statement of interest to the current Executive Board at least two days prior to the election. A majority vote by members of the HRDC present at the open meeting determines the elected officers of the HRDC Executive Board. Candidates may be nominated from the floor.