Backstage Week

Backstage Week happens twice a year, once each semester, and always occurs the week following Common Casting. This week is full of workshops and activities that can help you get involved in technical theatre at Harvard or hone your existing skills. Just like Common Casting, Backstage Week begins with a Pizza Q where you can talk to other student technicians, meet ART and OFA professionals, and find out more about the week’s upcoming workshops.

Check this page at the beginning of each semester for a schedule of workshops!

Fall Backstage Week revolves around getting freshmen and other students new to theatre into the community. There are workshops geared towards beginners in areas like lights, sound, costumes, and stage management, among others. The goal is to teach new, enthusiastic faces in the community the skills that will allow them to jump right into helping out with shows.

Spring Backstage Week is about expanding technicians’ skills and teaching students in new staff roles how to fulfill their positions. The workshops fall into two categories: beginner/intermediate general workshops similar to those taught in the fall, so that these new staff members on shows will feel confident going into the season, and advanced, specific workshops that are for experienced technicians who want to learn something new about their area of interest.

If you have any questions about Backstage Week, would like to suggest a workshop, or are interested in teaching a workshop, please contact Tech Liaison Casey Goggin at [email protected].