Applying to Direct

The following information is intended for students who are applying to direct, but may be useful for producers and other members of the production team. Please contact the HRDC Board with any questions. 

In order to apply to direct at Harvard, a student must first have three things:

A play or a clearly outlined concept for a show
A director may apply with any play not performed in the past four years. While there are no restrictions on the type of play that can be put on at Harvard, directors are reminded to choose shows that are feasible with the resources (human and technical) available at the time of the production. It is also recommended that directors be able to demonstrate a clear vision for the proposed show.

A list of venues in which the show could be performed
In order to put on a production, a director must have a venue. It is recommended that directors consider all possible venues for their shows and make themselves aware of the application deadlines for each space in case it becomes necessary to apply to a second choice. Venues with formalized application processes include the Loeb Mainstage, the Ex, OFA spaces (Farkas Hall and the Agassiz Theater), The Adams Pool Theater, and the Cabot House Theater.

A staff
Perhaps most importantly, a director must assemble a staff that includes, but is by no means limited to, producer(s), a music director (if a musical), a stage manager, a set designer, a technical director, a lighting designer, a sound designer, a costume designer, and a properties designer. Depending upon the requirements of the show, it may also be necessary to have other staff positions filled, such as choreographer, video designer, projectionist, or orchestra manager. Each staff position should also have a minimum of two assistants, with more encouraged. It is important to note, however, that the size of a staff is not necessarily indicative of their ability to mount a project, and in certain instances, a massive staff is as likely to be seen as detrimental to an application as it is to be seen as an asset. It is also very important that a director understand what her staff is responsible for doing. All directors are therefore responsible for familiarity with the information on the Information for Designers page as well as the general responsibilities of her producers.

Applying to Direct

Please keep an eye out in the HRDC Newsletter for the most current application deadlines and materials.

Applications for the Loeb Mainstage, the Ex, and OFA spaces (Farkas Hall and the Agassiz Theater) are organized in three parts: a pre-application, a full application, and an interview.

Shows are asked to submit a completed pre-application with staff list a week before the full application is due. Ex shows are also asked to submit their preliminary slot preferences.

Pre-applications for the Loeb Mainstage should be sent to the Mainstage Coordinator at [email protected] and the President at [email protected]

Pre-applications for the Ex should be sent to the Ex Coordinator at [email protected]

Pre-applications to OFA spaces should be sent to Dana Knox at [email protected] and Eric Engel at [email protected]

Full Application
A full application consists of the following:

  • An updated pre-application
  • A staff contact sheet that includes the name, position, email address, and phone number for each staff member
  • A preliminary production calendar
  • The venue application (OFA or Loeb)
  • Statements, applicable design plans, resumes, and potential conflicts for the semester from each member of the production team.

Additionally, if the work being proposed is either highly obscure or student-written, a script should be included in the full application. For unfinished student-written works, the Board suggests at least 10-20 draft pages and an outline. Such productions are encouraged to discuss the feasibility of mounting their work with the Ex Coordinator. Sample applications are provided below:

Mainstage: The Wonderful World of Dissocia

Mainstage, student-written: Mudlark

Experimental Theater: Small Mouth Sounds

Applications for the Loeb Mainstage should be sent to the Mainstage Coordinator at [email protected] and the President at [email protected]

Applications for the Ex should be sent to the Ex Coordinator at [email protected]

Applications to OFA spaces should be sent to Dana Knox at [email protected] and Eric Engel at [email protected]

Mainstage and OFA applicants will be assigned an interview time upon receipt of their full application.

Ex applicants will be able to sign up for an application slot outside the HRDC Board Office when dropping off the hard copy of their application.

Applications to the Adams Pool Theater require a single application form to be sent to Adams House Drama Tutor Aubry Thelkeld at [email protected]

Applications to the Cabot House Theater require a single application form to be sent to Student Theater Coordinator Andrew Howe at [email protected]

Applications to the Leverett Library Theater require a single application form to be sent to Student Theater Coordinator Sam Hagen at [email protected]

Students wishing to put on productions in other campus locations must obtain permission from the administrator of that location before commencing any performances in the space.